Current and Recent Projects

Public Health Dental Health Project:

Oral Health Needs Assessment – for Sullivan County Public Health Services, Liberty,  New York: This document assessed the oral health status of the Sullivan County population with a particular focus on pregnant women and children.  The assessment  examined statistics, included an examination through surveys, focus groups and interviews of attitudes and practices of the residents,  documented existing resources, unmet needs, causes of the poor oral health in this population and potential solutions.  Recommendations and best practices were a part of the product.  An oral presentation of the report was made to the Sullivan County Oral Health Coalition.

Non-Profit Grant Wording Project:

Grant template for PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program, Hurleyville, NY: This organization runs on a shoestring budget.   They frequently need to seek financial support for their charitable work.  PRASAD needed some help to improve their wording for grant applications.   The document included up to date research and information on return on investment for preventive dental care. It remains proprietary to PRASAD and was not published.

Quasi-Governmental Maternal and Child Health Needs Assessment Projects:

Maternal Child Health Needs Assessment of Orange and Sullivan Counties for Maternal Infant Services Network (MISN), Newburgh, NY:  because this is also designed to be used for applications for grant funding, this document is not available for public release.  It contained an analysis of the maternal and child population in these counties, including detailed health statistics of women and children and a description of factors that influence their health.  Factors described included income, education, crime statistics, housing, availability of health services, Medicaid rates, disparities by race and ethnicity, and others.

Maternal Child Needs Assessment of Ulster County for Maternal Infant Services Network, Newburgh, NY: a similar product with a focus on Ulster County, NY.

Non-Profit Quality Improvement Project:

Quality Improvement project for the volunteer services department of a  charity  (name of charity kept confidential per request).  Working with the director of volunteer services and her staff, a workflow analysis was completed and an improvement plan was designed.  Results have included a decrease in the delay from volunteer recruitment until engagement, an increase in employee satisfaction including that of the director, and an improvement in the quality and amount of time for information reaching the desired end targets.

Human Rights Commission Facilitation Project:

Group facilitation of five sessions using the Dialogue2Change model (Everyday Democracy) for Sullivan County Human Rights Commission.  This involved co-facilitating a group of  10 participants in a program named “From Poverty to Prosperity” in a very poor rural village.

Governmental Request for Proposal Project:

Assistance in drafting a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Health Impact Assessment in Sullivan County, NY, for a proposed gas compressor station.

Non-Profit Newsletter and E-mailing Project:

Subscriber Newsletters and Bulletins

Technical Consultant:

 New York State Association of County Health Officials (NYSACHO) “ImmuNYze” campaign

COVID-19 Survey:

A survey conducted in 2020 to analyze peoples’ experiences and perceptions of living during the greatest pandemic of our time.


Project Director for Sullivan Hands4Health Network:

Organize and lead a newly formed Rural Health Network through a Strategic Planning process to design a Community Health Worker program. The program is designed to sustainably increase health system efficiencies and will reduce avoidable Chronic Disease hospitalization and death.

Presentation by President Carol Ryan at the 2021 New York Annual Nursing Summit, (beginning at 59.03):