Can Health Promotion Strategies LLC Help My Organization?

Happily,  the likely answer is Yes.

A sample of the types of organizations that currently find our services useful are listed below. If you don't see your organization here, it is still quite likely we can help, when it comes to health.
  • Health Departments: Local, County, Regional, State
  • Community Based Organizations
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Quasi-governmental agencies
  • Health clinics
  • Mental health clinics
  • Private health practices
  • Home care organizations
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Ambulance corps
  • Community Based Organizations
  • Perinatal Networks
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Community Colleges
  • Universities
  • Others: just ask!

Even if your responsibilities or those of your business, agency, or facility do not directly address health, Health Promotion Strategies may be able to help. Our skills, experience and expertise are useful in the health, community or public health settings and in compatible settings as well.

For example, we are very experienced working within governmental environments with the  frequent fiscal and political challenges to accomplishing projects. We can help develop innovative solutions to these challenges regardless of the type of organization or department.

Visit our home page, and the rest of the site, to see the types of services we offer.

Thank you! We welcome your inquiries, and look forward to speaking with you.